Hush your mouth, Satan!

My journal and one of my favorite coffee mugs – oh and Woodwick candle 🕯

So yesterday someone gave me something special and internally I almost ruined it…. My boss gave me a productivity planner so my anxiety jumped right on that and tried to assume I was in trouble! (Internally y’all…. I promise I didn’t freak out or burst into tears!) He gave me four pens to write in it with (purple and pinks!) then he explained that the book will explain more on why he’s making changes on my daily report that I send to him.

Internally- again- some of our fiercest battles are internally with our minds and emotions…. I had a choice to open up and listen to what he was saying or sit there and figure out what I had done wrong that I would need productivity training for.

Anxiety is a common symptom of survivors of abuse that I do not have to claim…

Thankfully, I’ve been on this fasting program that has really opened me up to God’s voice and peace. I listened carefully. He was trying to show me something here…. God was showing me that sometimes when He tries to bless me or give me something- my mind is so busy and I let my battles with anxiety take over and then I am unable to see the blessings…. just like with my boss.

I told my friend this little interlude, someone who shares my sense of humor and also has had her own battles with anxiety. I mentioned my new phrase is “Hush your mouth, Satan!” and I should have added “welcome Holy Spirit” as God’s peace is more powerful than any thread of anxiety when we CHOOSE to listen to peace.

Welcome Holy Spirit!!

How do you choose to deal with insecurities and anxieties in your life? Feel free to let me know by commenting or messaging me so that I can lift you up in prayer 🙏🏼

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