Thanksgiving in my heart

Took this quick pic last light as God allowed me to enjoy sunset with Him


Broke my fast yesterday…. slowly bridged with foods that are low carb/keto but also helped my digestive system.

Friday 1/15/2021

This morning: Ahhh I finally had coffee this morning and a tiny bit of real food. I mean yesterday was real but just totally bridged. Did good- stayed in peace during my bridge and God is showing me over and over how much He has me- also wound up blessed with an upgrade to a King suite @ Holiday Inn. Funny story as I used points plus cash for the first time to book hotel and paid $40 @ Holiday Inn Express- then they upgraded me because smoke detector kept making loud shrieking noises and they didn’t have any more king rooms except suites. God is great! I feel like the fast helps me live in an attitude of thanksgiving- maybe going without food for awhile just really increases your appreciation and perceptions. Was also protected from 45 deer 🦌 by side of road in a two hour period! All day yesterday and today; little things would happen and God would gently nudge me with see- “I told you: I’ve got you!”

Thanksgiving in my heart for another day to appreciate God’s love and share it with others We are not limited by our past
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How do we focus on Thanksgiving? What does an attitude of thanksgiving look like? Living a life of thanks is just paying attention- and taking the time to say thanks. It can also be an attitude of being thankful for what we have. Sometime, we (ahem by me, you know I’m really saying me….) are so busy that it’s easy for daily tasks to become distractions from thanking God for How He loves us and looks after us.

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