Accelerated Weight Loss Program

You know I always think of God every sunset!

So I started a new weight loss program- and I’m not here to promote it. Instead I’m here to journal my adventures in such a way that sheds light on what it means to dive into the unknown. The program will largely be fasting, keto and fitness- but that part is the easiest part the intense part which so excites me is just using this time of fasting to really dive deep into my intimacy with God. I have some big questions for Him and need guidance- I think these fasts will be just what I need to truly remove distractions and lay myself in complete surrender at His feet.

My images on 285 toward Vaughn December 2020

Day One-

Our homework made me cringe. Our first assignment is to do a live video in our Facebook group and I have to say it triggered stuff (hardcore triggers!) for me and I almost bailed on the video. I wound up doing it and being the first one- and it wasn’t too bad; the reason I did it? Because I’m fed up living a life where my body isn’t healthy… and I want God to help me transform my body into a healthy body….

I wrote a new I AM message tonight…. (an I am statement is identity statement that clearly identifies how God sees me and His amazing gifts to me)

God said to me that:

I am a healthy messenger of God’s love 💕

So what else do I need to stay but that? I’m still journaling and writing out my responses and reactions but I have to say that this was earth shaking for me/ I do want my body to be healthy and trust me I want to lose some serious weight. But more than that I see how important it is that I take care of my body for God to be helpful in the kingdom…. to have energy to stand and listen to someone who stops me at the grocery store to share their heart (obviously not this week as I’m quarantined)

Image retrieved from WordPress library on January 6, 2021

I also had a melt down in all the right ways- Picture melted gold just flowing over me that’s how I visualized this melt down. So many times people have shown me that I’m not worthy of love or acceptance… and God showed me that he is just melting off all those layers of rejection and low self esteem and pouring His identity of me back into me.

I am His beloved

I am royalty

I am a Royal messenger of the nature of God

I am a healthy messenger of God’s love

I am a creative ambassador for Heaven

Whoa whoa whoa and wow that is worth focusing on

It means that I am worthy of a healthy body, I was destined to be healthy by design

Oh and FYI- so are you……

1 thought on “Accelerated Weight Loss Program

  1. Starlet Mckinney January 9, 2021 — 4:22 am

    Love This- love the visuals: Keep journal and letting your beautiful true you shine. “ For the goodness of God goes before you- his glory is upon you!”


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