Never Forgotten….

photo credit Tonya Marie – near the State Capital building in Austin, Texas September 2019

It was hot and humid…. and my feet were swollen. I felt such relief when I slid out of my flip flops and let the grass cushion my feet. I allowed the grass to embrace my sore feet… soothing them for just a few moments, I looked up and there is The Price of Liberty sculpture near the Capitol building in Austin, Texas earlier this month. My heart is full of sorrow for the losses we still carry in our hearts from September 11th. It is also full of pride and love for how our country came together to stand up for those needing help.

We often have so many privileges and freedom that we take for granted- and there are specific days that we choose to remember. 9-11 is one of those precious days where Americans collectively do all they can in their hearts to remember what happened, thank all those that served that day and in the days to follow, and treasure our liberty. This memorial touched my heart and I hope it touches yours too. It touches me that so many other countries honor America on this day.

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