An eternity with God’s Heart

Eternity is right now

These are the thoughts that God gave me this weekend – words from His heart to mine that I wanted to share with everyone. ❤️💕❤️

Sitting on my porch swing enjoying an enchanting New Mexico sunset with God February 2020

We are walking in the kingdom now and we don’t have to wait (until our bodies physically die) to see His face, to experience His grace we aren’t walking in limbo stuck in a waiting zone of trials and tribulations on earth…

We can and should bring heaven down to earth through our worship and praise, experiencing Him everywhere we go and sharing the truth of His love ❤️ Everyone deserves God’s love and we are the fortunate ones to be able to share this love.

How do we share God’s love? Some irks its as simple as being nice/ simply for the sake of showing someone else what God’s love feels like from the heart. Specifically, God’s heart! Having the heart of God means seeing someone through God’s eyes instead of our own. Through my eyes, perhaps I might see someone who is on drugs, or someone who is rude or vulgar. How about how we may see a prostitute or convicted felon?

Just writing those words made me sad- because the truth is that God sees each of these people with the heart of a Father, God’s love is so pure and so strong that it beats any version of unconditional love we can see or feel in the natural.

One image is focused on the sunset and this image includes the distractions of the world. Trucks and traffic here, makes me wonder what distracts me from showing the heart of God to others?
New Mexico Sunset February 2020


How do we see God’s heart?

It is through prayer and persistence – asking God simply to show us how He sees each individual and then treating that person like God would treat them. This is a beautiful way to honor God’s heart! More of Him and less of me is my prayer. Sounds too simplistic? It is simple but I can honestly say it works even for those of us Christians who aren’t “judgy”

I find myself seeing more and more the love God has for others and for myself. I can’t process perfection- but the more time I spend in prayer and in His presence the easier it is for me to see how God sees each person. It is truly powerful and beautiful to witness this love!!

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