Bright vivid colors alternate across my view and I sit in wonder. Just like a child- in awe at the streaks of bold blue; green, yellow, purple, and pink across my windshield. Back and forth, back and forth. Some days; I can honestly say it doesn’t take much to entertain me.

How like I child I can be- I remember a week before I took these pictures; I took my seventeen year old to the car wash. It was the first time she had taken the car- her car now; through the car wash as a driver. Together; we jubilantly enjoyed the colors and sounds of the car wash. It was new and cool- or at least it felt that way because she was experiencing it new…. as an almost adult driving her car!

My perspective while in the car was with my miracle girl, was fresh and new. Seeing it through her eyes opened up the magic within me. We laughed. We giggled. We wanted to see everything at once together. Oh how sad we were when it was over!!

After we finished, we had to drive around town (so the water could fully dry). We enjoyed chatting and being together- overall a great celebration of her new (to her) car and her senior year of high school.

I went back again alone about a week later, her schedule was crazy that night and she needed to get to her dad’s house. She’s growing up and developing a life for herself which is exactly what she needs to do. I figured the magic of the car wash would be gone because she wasn’t there… but then I felt this reminder from the Holy Spirit- that God is there with me.

So we played- just God and I. Enjoying the colors and the sounds of the car wash. I felt laughter within me! I also felt God assure me that this year – my baby’s senior year- would be okay. God has her. God has me.

I was never taught that God could be so much fun when I was growing up- but I’ve found that I enjoy these fun outings with God. Sometimes deliberately planned times and sometimes just a spontaneous romp through the car wash. Wherever I go, He is there with me- a best friend, a perfect ABBA daddy. He delights in me!

Where are you taking God today?!?!! Where is He taking you?!?!

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