The Power of Worship

Photo Credit: Panoramic Photo is property of Tonya Marie - taken near Moab, Utah.

Do obstacles feel like mountains!??

Yes, they sure can!

I felt the storms break while worshiping this morning and felt the power of the Holy Spirit flow into me and through me and I broke in tears 😭 of I don’t know – just breaking down barriers and breaking through barriers. “Wow,” I kept saying “Wow, God you’re so amazing!!!!!”

Wow, God you’re so amazing!!!

I cried and cried and can’t explain why other than it was a good sweet cry from deep inside me- the kind that makes you shake even though it isn’t that loud. I felt the power of God resonate in me when I sang the words about heaven fighting our battles.

The more I worshiped God with my heart- the more I felt the tears run down my face symbolic for the cleansing and renewal in my spirit.

tears…symbolic for the cleansing and renewal in my spirit

Through all this I felt the Holy Spirit – I thought- “wow, this is you, God!!” I felt this warmth and presence that is truly hard to describe but it filled me with an overwhelming sense of love- specifically, of being loved. I cried because it felt good; because it touched me deep in the depths of my soul, and because I felt the barriers being destroyed!!!! Barriers to what? I’m not sure I even know what all the barriers were but I know the presence of God is real and powerful…. life changing in so many ways!!!

I know the presence of God is real and powerful….

life changing in so many ways!!!

No edits, no filters… just being real.

Food for thought: Where in your life do you feel really close and connected to God? What kind of breakthroughs do you see happen in your daily walk?

Tonya Marie

1 thought on “The Power of Worship

  1. I have found those moments to be oh so precious to me! Tears are even worship with God! Thanks for being real! 🤗


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