Holy Spirit & Health

Good morning! Extra coffee needed this morning….(WordPress image)

This morning, I’m up extra early because my husband is working from home and had an early conference call. 5:35 AM is too early. Just sayin’!

This past week, after listening to a zoom led by Dr Barry and Dr. Shawn Lenhardt… I felt Holy Spirit shared a revelation that really excited me! I’ve always been taught to listen to Holy Spirit – but I guess I just got the impression that Holy Spirit was there to warn of danger or to give gentle guidance. I know there’s many times where I feel a nudge to say something to someone and I credit Holy Spirit when this nudge proves to be on point.

Sunset after a cloud day May 2021 New Mexico

So I’m hearing a sound and asking God, is this the sound of the Kingdom? I felt such a peace and a quiet come over me. My mind is rarely quiet. ! I also believe Holy Spirit showed me – right then in the bath- that because I have tried to lose weight for so long, I was still holding onto all the rules (translate that to following “the law”) INSTEAD of trusting the Holy Spirit who is inside of me to guide me. I can choose to be in the spirit or in the law, but I can’t do both!

Revelation poured through me and though I have gone through months of coaching, everything just settled right into place. I knew that every time I was plagued by doubts and entertained them, I was being coached by the law. Want an example? Okay, awhile back Patrick, my health coach, shows a video of him getting ready to eat a big juicy cheeseburger. Internally, my thought process was telling me that of course, he can eat a cheeseburger because he is not obese and he does not have Diabetes but not everyone else can. I know now, through the Holy Spirit revelation channeling through me that those thoughts were the law…the rules trying to get me to live a rigid lifestyle instead of walking in the freedom that God designed me for!

If it is shameful and makes me feel guilty, it is not of God. If Holy Spirit shows me that there are better choices to make, that should make me feel good…inspired. Conviction is okay, but shame…guilt…nope. Not for me, not for Kingdom. How would I inspire others if shame is my name?

Sunset, same night but looking in another direct- New Mexico

acknowledge that I lean heavily on learning all the right things to do in the program and checking off all the boxes to get to my goal…. For years, I have tried every fad diet, read all the health books, learned all the things. Now I am learning to calm down for five minutes before I decide what to eat- so that I can listen to the Holy Spirit remind me what foods nourish me…what foods make me feel crummy an hour or two after I eat. See- all the head knowledge is great, I have learned so much and I have been learning about health for years and years. I have spent most of my adulthood trying to lose weight or keep it off.

Opening up to the Holy Spirit is where my breakthroughs happen, again and again. Simple things like learning to take thirty minutes a day to recharge because I get so overwhelmed with all the crazy parts of my day. Then listening to the nudge when Holy Spirit reminds me to take those thirty minutes. Soaking in the presence of God lifts my anxiety in a way that medicine can’t touch. Taking simple, free easy prayer walks that help me feel connected to God and nature have shifted my focus away from exercise as a chore to walking is an opportunity to literally get away from the busy parts of our day and spend time with Him!!! So wonderful to spend time skipping a meal (fast means to go without) and enjoy His presence!

Listening to Holy Spirit comes easy at times because the nudge is strong and I know it’s right. Other times, it feels like I’m so busy and distracted that I need my thirty minute recharge of silence just so I can hear more clearly. Coaching is a tool and resource that helps me tune in to the Holy Spirit inside of me to make lifestyle changes I need to live a healthier, vibrant life!

Where or what parts of your life is Holy Spirit wanting you to lead you?

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