Searching for peace …..

Carlsbad, NM right on the Pecos River

So recent experiences have me working on journaling a certain way and I thought I would share this technique with you.
It’s called “ release work” but I’ve heard it called by other names.
Before bed you take a few minutes to just start journaling- it doesn’t take long and can be simply drawing a name and circling it or writing it out or anything fun or creative.

I release the worry and frustration over my friend’s health and the hopelessness I feel when I can’t just make her better….

I release …. the drama at work

I release the anxiety about my own health and weight loss

Spoiler alert- only God can give me the peace I need deep inside me- only God can exchange the negative for the positive

I release the anger that I feel when I get so frustrated with my body….

And I ask for help in learning to embrace my body as a friend not an enemy

Sometimes being around water makes me feel more connected to God! It also helps fuel my imagination!

One of my more colorful release journals, many times when I’m writing I am much more specific about what type of anxiety what it’s about what’s the root… on this page I just wrote down the words that meant the most to me and then I did my release work out loud

And so on…
some nights I type it in my phone and other nights I draw ✍️ or doodle all over the page.
I’m envisioning releasing all these things these worries or struggles that have come up during the day to God simple as that releasing them: and imagining God taking them from me and replacing them with peace… with confidence and a faith that continues to grow! I think that we are supposed to use our imaginations in this way! Powerful brain and heart work! 🙂

Papa (God)-

Thank you for taking my fears and anxiety and for teaching me to place them in your hands each and every single day. Thank you for showing me how to trust You more and more!

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