What if….

Google image retrieved December 20, 2020

What if…

Instead of a New Year’s Resolution…

We spent 2020 really working on loving ourselves…..

what would that look like to you?

I’ve been thinking about this for over a week now. I’ve been praying about it too.

My health coach has asked me to start writing down my vision of what I want for me… we start January 4th, 2021 on our new fitness and health regime for weight loss. I’ve been watching his Facebook videos and have gleaned that the changes we are going to work on will be mindset… specifically mind – as well as nutrition and fitness.

Here’s what I’ve been writing so far…

1. Lose 90 pounds

2. Within six months, fit into my size 14 capris that I can’t imagine getting into right now

3. Be the vibrant grandma who goes down the slide with my grandson

4. Have energy to do activities with my husband

5. Not have my activities limited by my weight, energy or ability

6. Be a symbol of hope for other Christian women and men who have tried to lose weight so many times

7. See myself as healthy, energetic and full of life

I’m still writing and asking Holy Spirit to show me God’s dreams and my dreams and goals for myself. … but I wanted to encourage you to ask yourself what loving yourself would look like if that was your main goal for 2020??? Allowing God’s abundant love to rain

If our focus was on loving 🥰 ourselves more… I’m betting it would be easier to see others through God’s eyes and show that love to others too.

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