Holding His hand

Recently, while in Alaska for our honeymoon, my husband and I went kayaking among the icebergs. I had prayed before we left New Mexico that we would have plenty of encounters with God.

I know others were praying for us too! God does not disappoint. I’m happy to say that everywhere I went I felt the presence of God. It is possible to go to Alaska and not feel God. I think? But I wanted His presence along on our honeymoon. God showered us in blessings. I truly believe that. We received several room upgrades along the way. Who is to say that it is a coincidence versus God’s direction? It can be argued either way; that’s for sure.

The difference is that I knew in my spirit- deep inside that God was with us, showing us His gorgeous Alaska. I didn’t want to miss God while viewing the majestic glaciers and landscapes, or the gorgeous animals we were blessed to see.

A massive iceberg with me peeking through! Near Valdez, Alaska June 2019. Photo by my husband 😉

While kayaking, I felt the presence of God with me- like we were holding hands and giddy at each new iceberg!!

Sometimes God’s presence is still and quiet and we have to slow down to feel it. Sometimes it’s really obvious too, I like it both ways. There were so many times that tears would come to my eyes because I enjoyed the beauty of the area with God and my husband at the same time!

How do you experience God’s presence? Do you ever experience His overwhelming joy at being with you???

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