Mt. Mitchell North Carolina October 2017
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I was thinking about how many things we could become addicted to. Drugs, food, sexy, tv shows, social media… You know what ? I want to be addicted to reading my Bible, addicted to praying in the Spirit, addicted to the presence of God in my daily life. So addicted to becoming As God Is that I do not worry about my clothing, or what I will eat, or What I will drink (Matthew 6: 25-34).

I do not worry about my clothing, or what I will eat, or what I will drink

Matthew 6: 25-34


I want to live my life walking in the peace that God provides instead of constant worry or anxiety clawing at my insides. When I am in God’s presence, when I am in a spirit of worship… the world falls off of me and all I can think about is this moment with God. When hours pass when I worship like this, the world itself with all its darkness and chaos has faded away. I look around me and see others through the eyes of Jesus… loved and wanted and adored by a Creator! The world teaches us to put others in a box surrounded by guilt and condemnation, but that is not how God wants us to live.

I look around me and see others through the eyes of Jesus, loved and wanted and adored by a Creator!

God has so many treasures for me that every day I should wake up asking what He has going on for me instead of reaching for my Facebook app I should be quiet long enough for my spirit man inside me to reach out to God and feel His love overwhelm me so that my day can start off right.

I should wake up asking what He has going on for me…

I realized today that it is much easier to pull up Facebook and my email multiple times a day than it is to pull up my Bible app. Why is this? It is, I suddenly realized, because I fell out of the habit of reading my Bible.. even though I said I wanted to know God, get closer to God, build up my spirit man..feed the prophet…. I developed the addicting behavior of checking social media and email and put that ahead of my desire to get closer to God. I am sorry, God that I developed these addictive behaviors and I will work on making You and Your word my new addictions!!!! 🙂

Funny story:

I shared this with my son, Jacob who is 21 and very into tech. He somehow made a shortcut in my phone so that when I clicked on the Facebook icon, the Bible app would come up. Then he hid my true Facebook app.

Food for thought:

What is easy about putting God first in our lives? What do we struggle with? What mountains are between us and God? Facebook and other social media platforms spend thousands of dollars to make their apps addictive and interactive. That is why they are so entertaining (and addictive). What is addictive about spending time in God’s presence?

Tonya Marie

5 thoughts on “Addictions

  1. Wow! This is so true! I literally laughed out loud at what your son did! Too funny! 😂 But it made me stop and do a heart-check and repent myself! Thank you for sharing!


    1. My son has the funniest sense of humor! He shows that he is listening and makes my phone do exactly what I said I needed to do!! You can just imagine the look on my face when my FB app would not work! Thanks for your comment, it made my day!!! 🙂

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  2. I can just see the expression lol….or maybe I am picturing myself gasping in surprise! Thanks! You made my day, too!

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  3. Loved this post because I am working on one about addiction maybe will have it ready next week. Everything you said it true. We all fight some kind of addiction, food, tv, wrong reading, food, too much talking about self, envy, shopping, food, plus all the heavier things. Even good stuff can be an addiction. Only thing we actually need too much of is the Lord.

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